Dr Hansjoerg Kunc

My research is driven by my interest in wildlife, particularly at the interface between behaviour and conservation. Most of my current research focuses on the effects of human induced environmental changes on animals, and how species differ in their ability to adapt to these changes. We work on various species in the lab and in the wild, and more recently we started to synthesize results by using phylogenetically controlled meta-analysis [google scholar].  


Dr Claudia Wascher

I joined ASAB as a PhD student and from 2018-2020 served on the editorial board for Animal Behaviour. My research interests focus on the physiological and cognitive mechanisms of social behaviour. I study how affiliative and aggressive interactions affect the modulation of the physiological stress response and health parameters, like gastrointestinal parasite product excretion. I am also interested in the role of social behaviour onto vocal communication. More recently, I investigate how anthropogenic disturbances, mostly noise, affect social behaviour.


Dr Sophie Nedelec

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Dr Matthew Bell

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Dr Natasha McGowan

My research interest is centred about how physiology, disease and behaviour are interlinked and can be used to inform mammal conservation efforts. I have a particular interest in investigating the utility of remote sensing technologies, such as accelerometers and GPS, in monitoring the movement and behaviour of species of conservation or policy-making importance. My research also aims to determine the associations between behavioural changes, internal physiology (e.g. body temperature) and the external environment (e.g. ambient temperature).