Register for the ASAB Easter virtual meeting 2021

Registration is for the three days of the meeting: 14-16th April 2021

Registration is FREE for ASAB members

(Please note, you cannot automatically sign in using your ASAB membership details as the ASAB site and ours are separate, but we ask that you register for this conference with the same email address so that we can confirm all registrations against our records).

For non-ASAB members the registration is £15

If you would like to become an ASAB member for free conference registration, click here.

Please make sure you become a member BEFORE you register.

For non-ASAB members that would like to apply for a conference fee waiver see the link below.


If you do not receive a confirmation email, see our FAQs for more information.

Please note: we are limiting the number of registrations to 1000 delegates.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer refunds.

Registration fee waiver

  • ASAB is pleased to offer a conference fee waiver to individuals from developing countries (as per the World Bank Classification of Low-Lower/Upper-Middle Income Countries). ASAB recognizes that these individuals could greatly benefit from the services and information available to ASAB members and equally that the Society itself would greatly benefit by including these individuals as delegates. ASAB's promotes the study of animal behaviour, the ethical treatment and conservation of animals, and encourages the teaching of animal behaviour in schools. We wish to encourage these aims internationally. To be considered for an ASAB conference fee waiver, please complete the email in the above link.


  • ASAB also recognises that some students and ECRs in higher income countries are in precarious, unwaged positions, specifically students that are not receiving any stipend/salary or ECRs who are currently unemployed. If you feel that £15 is a barrier to your attendance at this meeting and wish to be considered for an ASAB conference fee waiver, please complete the email in the above link.