Meet the PI sessions

Dear Research Group Leaders,

Please submit a summary of your research interests using the links below so students can connect with you during the conference

With the constraints imposed by Covid-19 on in-person conferences, the opportunities for PhD students to interact with research group leaders (also known as principal investigators, i.e. PIs), especially from other institutions, has become severely limited. Yet it remains crucial for PhD students' future career prospects.


We aim to address this at ASAB Easter 2021 and we invite PIs to present their research interests on the website and we will encourage student attendees to arrange meetings with these PIs in scheduled sessions during the meeting. We hope for these discussions to lead to the collaborative development of research projects and grant applications.

What you need to do: 

We ask that PIs:

  • Contribute a 100-word summary of their research interests for the website so that students can see what they are about.

  • Commit to being available for at least two one-hour 'meet a PI' sessions on the 15th and/or 16th April 2021 for students to be able to schedule meetings with them.

Further details:


  • These 'meet a PI' sessions will be scheduled into the meeting programme and not run parallel to the talks.

  • We would strongly encourage PIs to view any presentation given at the conference by students who have arranged a meeting with them.

  • PIs will be selected on the basis of their research area to reflect the research interests of the students registered for the meeting, with preference given to newly-established PIs (those who have not yet managed a postdoc) and those with caring commitments or other circumstances that have excluded them from attending past conferences in person.

Submission deadline: 15th March 2021, midnight (BST, GMT+1)

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